Sponsorship Overview.

The HR Summit series provides unmatched exposure to key HR Executives within the top 50 metro markets. For less than the cost of a few in-person sales calls you can speak to a group of 80-130 key HR decision makers. Selected sponsors receive a speaking opportunity, a 6 foot draped exhibit table, electricity and WiFi for two sponsorship representatives. Be sure to reserve early to avoid a wait list situation. If you have any questions after reviewing the sponsorship pages on this site or the Sponsor Kit (right click to download) please call Shelly Fisher at 404-400-2424 or Shelly@HR-Summits.com

I pretty much stopped doing these types of events because of poor attendee quality and volume but this totally changed my mind. I'm going to send out an internal email to my peers recommending they do your events."   - Barracuda Networks, Tim Solomon, Commercial Accounts Manager

2021 Dates by Metro.

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  • May 12: Denver
  • Jun 24: Grand Rapids
  • Jul 13: Minneapolis
  • Jul 20: Kansas City
  • Jul 21: Omaha
  • July 27: Charlotte
  • July 28: Greensboro
  • Sep 2: St Louis
  • Sep 08: Boston
  • Sep 10: Washington
  • Sep 14: New York
  • Sep 15: Philadelphia
  • Sep 22: Phoenix
  • Sep 24: Pittsburgh
  • Sep 29: Dallas
  • Oct 1: Austin
  • Oct 5: San Antonio
  • Oct 7: Houston
  • Oct 13: San Francisco
  • Oct 18: Nashville
  • Oct 21: Atlanta
  • Oct 25: Chicago
  • Oct 26: Milwaukee
  • Oct 29: Detroit
  • Nov 3: Salt Lake City
  • Nov 10: Los Angeles
  • Nov 11: San Diego
  • Nov 30: Columbus
  • Dec 1: Cincinnati
  • Dec 2: Orlando
  • Dec 7: Tampa
  • Dec 9: Miami
  • Dec 13: Indianapolis
  • Dec 15: Cleveland

  • 2022 Dates by Metro.

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  • Feb 15: Washington
  • Feb 17: Philadelphia
  • Feb 24: Greensboro
  • March 2: Charlotte
  • March 8: Chicago
  • March 10: Atlanta
  • March 14: Los Angeles
  • March 16: San Diego
  • March 30: Nashville
  • Apr 14: St Louis
  • May 25: Denver
  • Jun 7: Milwaukee
  • Jun 10: Minneapolis
  • Jun 21: Pittsburgh
  • Jun 23: Cleveland
  • Jul 13: Kansas City
  • July 25: Columbus
  • July 27: Cincinnati
  • Aug 3: Detroit
  • Aug 4: Grand Rapids
  • Aug 8: Indianapolis
  • Aug 24: Dallas
  • Aug 25: Austin
  • Aug 30: San Antonio
  • Aug 31: Houston
  • Sep 15: Boston
  • Sep 27: New York
  • Oct 5: Phoenix
  • Nov 8: Salt Lake City
  • Nov 15: San Francisco
  • Dec 1: Orlando
  • Dec 6: Tampa
  • Dec 7: Miami

  • Sponsorship Levels, Pricing and Signup.

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    Our live events are structured for maximum efficiency from both a presenter and attendee standpoint. We feature non-competitive companies that are best of breed in their domain. Our Delegates, free from hearing competing sales pitches from multiple vendors, can instead focus on whether the speaker's solutions fit with their organizational/technical needs. We handle every event-related logistical issue, making it very easy for our partners to simply show up at 1:00 pm and have their display table set up before attendees arrive at 2:00pm. In addition to the pre event networking, there is a mid-afternoon break, allowing every single attendee plenty of time to meet with every vendors of interest.

    This is a horizontal event, drawing individuals who work across all industries within a region - retailing, manufacturing, professional services, finance/insurance, transportation/logistics, healthcare - who can directly buy (and/or influence the purchase of) products and complementary services provided by sponsors/speakers. We drive attendance through highly focused email campaigns, calling, and advertising to key executives.

    Job Title Percentages: CHRO 15%, HR Directors 44%, HR Managers 33%, Focused HR-Specific Titles such as Benefits Managers, Recruiting Managers, etc 9%.

    Vertical Market/Industry Percentages: Manufacturing 11%, Education 14%, Government 14%, Professional Services/Legal/Accounting/Marketing/Engineering 13%, Finance 11%, Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 11%, Distribution/Transportation/Logistics 9%, Retailing 6%, Small Business (<100 employees) 6%, Other 5%.

    Your Presentation Topic.

    Sponsors wishing to speak should plan a topic that would add value to the audience. Please pass the presentation title past Shelly Fisher at 1- or Shelly@HR-Summits.com for safety. Here are some example presentation titles that have worked well in the past to give you a feel for common topics.

  • The Latest Trends and Developments in HR Management.
  • The State of Workforce Planning: Best Practices.
  • What's Working in Sourcing Talent and Recruiting.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of key HRM Systems.
  • Real Time HR Performance Management.
  • Compensation Trends and Outlook.
  • Improving Results with Data Driven HR Decisions.
  • Consistently Winning at Engagement and Retention.
  • Succession Planning and Progression Tips and Best Practices.

    Example Past Participants in Our Nationwide Events

  • Aggreko llc
  • Ally Financial
  • Altegra Health
  • Aramark
  • Arby's Restaurant Group
  • BB&T
  • Bell Flavors & Fragrances
  • Big Lots
  • Burrow Global, LLC
  • Capital One
  • Catholic Charities USA
  • City of Atlanta
  • City of Fort Worth
  • City of Sacramento
  • Clay Co School Board
  • ClearResult
  • Cleveland St University
  • Cox Enterprises
  • CVS Health
  • DC Department of HR
  • Dept of Veteran Affairs
  • Detroit Housing Comm
  • Dollar Tree
  • Dunkin' Bands
  • Encore Capital Group
  • Energy Transfer
  • Equifax
  • FEMA
  • First Green Bank
  • Florida Blue
  • Franczek Radelet P.C.
  • FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc.
  • GameStop
  • Gates Corporation
  • Georgia Institute of Tech
  • Georgia Lottery Corp
  • Great Lakes Cheese Co.
  • HealthPort
  • Hilton
  • Hotel Managers Group
  • Kelly Moore Paint
  • Kennesaw State
  • Luminant
  • Mansfield Oil Company
  • Marriott
  • McKesson
  • Montgomery County Gov
  • Museum of Art San Diego
  • National Labor Relations
  • Pasco Co Sheriff's Office
  • PepsiCo
  • Petro Hunt, L.L.C.
  • Philip's
  • Phoenix Health Care
  • Plains All American
  • Progressive
  • RelaDyne LLC
  • Rexel USA
  • Rutgers University
  • Santander Consumer
  • SBM Offshore USA, Inc.
  • Sharp HealthCare
  • Southeast Restoration
  • Starwood
  • SunTrust
  • The Container Store
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber
  • The Home Depot
  • TransCentra
  • TXU Energy
  • United Natural Foods, Inc
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Georgia
  • Utah First Credit Union
  • WestRock
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • YWCA Rhode Island
  • (and thousands of other leading companies who have attended our many conferences)

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    Shelly Fisher

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    "I think that the Tech Summit was a great success. I was pleased with the outcome of the event."
    - Adrian Dyett, Senior Advisor, Peniel Solutions

    "There were not a large amount of Vendors in attendance. This gave us more exposure and one on one time with the attendees."
    - Collin McDaniel, Tradeshow Manager, Howard Industries

    "Please send us the next list of cities; we are definitely interested in doing more."
    - Jennifer Worley, Channel Alliance Manager, Adapture

    "The venue was great as well as the coordination of event staff."
    - Charles Chase, Inside Sales Manager, Versatile

    "It is nice to see a 3rd party vendor drive folks to an event. "
    - John Saylor, Sales Manager, Business Critical Solution, Dell

    "I thought the event was good - looking forward to the next one!"
    - David Chase, Sales Manager, Ruckus Wireless

    "The MC was good -- kept the program moving and did a nice job introducing."
    - Mike Davis, Sales Director, NCompass

    "I attended and enjoyed the event. I really liked the variety of presenters."
    - Nathan Bulmon, Global Commercial Channels, Dell

    "The speakers were good"
    - Reggie Lee, Enterprise Networking Sales, Dell

    "I pretty much stopped doing these types of events because of poor attendee quality and volume but this totally changed my mind. I'm going to send out an internal email to my peers recommending they do your events."
    - Tim Solomon, Commercial Accounts Manager, Barracuda Networks

    "General feedback about the organizational and operational aspects of the event was positive from my staff."
    - Tony Cannizzo, Director North American Operations, Stonebranch


    "I liked the ability to see new technology and applications."
    - Marcia Trajano, Philips

    "I liked the various suppliers and the presentations."
    - Deborah Hayek, Honeywell International

    "I liked the pace the best."
    - Bob Meecham, Cox Communications

    "I enjoyed the demonstration of newer interests in the field."
    - Michael Barlow, Better Homes and Gardens

    "The agenda did have interesting topics for me...I would like to see more of these locally."
    - Bob Brown, Deloitte Services

    " I enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to next year."
    - Carter Vath, Ener-Tech

    "Attended and I enjoyed the summit. Learned about services/technologies we could utilize at our company"
    - Ahmed Mohamed, Pharmaworks

    "Overall the event was good. There were good vendors that highlighted risks in the area and how their product could help minimize that risk. The location was nice and giveaways are always a bonus."
    - Beth Gavish, Key Local Bank

    "The room setup was good, so was the food. Send me the next date please."
    - Bill Sandberg, Rising Sun Systems

    "The speakers were generally very clear and concise, and presented their cases well."
    - Chas Vinal, Uniquest

    "Keep up the good work."
    - Damon Poremski, PostcardMania

    "Each vendor had a 30-45 min opportunity to explain their market position or product."
    - Douglas Peat, County BTS

    "I liked the topics"
    - Emilio Castro, King Computer

    "I really liked the presentations."
    - Felix Malave, GlobeNet

    "I liked the variety of presentations"
    - Greg Fleck, Landstar Systems

    "I enjoyed the variety of presenters."
    - Jason Ricci, Johns Eastern Company

    "I enjoyed the networking"
    - John Barry, ITech Consulting Partners

    "I attended and enjoyed the vendor presentations the best."
    - John Ball, Director, United Way

    "The presenters and presentations were all excellent – I appreciated the breaks that allowed us to talk with the vendors at the tables that presented and to speak with the vendors that were only tabling."
    - Josette Dzencelowcz, Travelport